Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland

Originally Written: September 26, 2016

It was Alex’s and I’s 5th wedding anniversary. Kind of a big deal for us. Since we’d won the trip to London in October, we were good calling that our big “anniversary gift.” I mean, it’s not everyday you get to go to your dream destination. (And it will be around the same time that we went on our honeymoon, so there’s that…) However, we still wanted to do something fun on the actual day. There was a wine fest going on that weekend, and all the babysitters were snatched up, so whatever we did had to be kid friendly.

(Nothing says you’ve been married for 5 years like two little toddlers in tow.)

I had seen photographs of this adorable little waterfall in Luxembourg, and I figured that would be a fitting destination. It seemed kind of romantic while also having plenty of terrain for children to explore.

Finding the location was a bit of an adventure in and of itself. It only took about 30 minutes to get into the city (which was very pretty) but once we hit the outskirts of town, we had trouble figuring out which nature trail was the right one to stop at. We ended up at two different ones before a nice English speaking family helped us out and gave us directions.

By that point, Landon had become a bit of a bear, so he was really whiny the whole time. That was the only negative of the day.

The waterfall – called Schiessentumpel – was a half kilometer walk from the parking lot. You had two options to get there. You could take a nature trail through the forest or follow the sidewalk along the road. Obviously, Alex and I wanted to see as much as we could so we opted for the nature trail.

At the very beginning of the walk were a bunch of rocks that were a lot of fun to climb and check out.

And then about halfway along the path were some rocks that made a good staircase to the stream that was flowing to the right of us. Landon had never been in any kind of stream or creek before, so I had to take him in and let him see what it was all about.

The water was FREEZING! My toes were numb almost immediately, but once Landon got a good footing on the rocks at the bottom he didn’t notice the cold. Alex and I had to force him to get out, which led to a small meltdown. But if we hadn’t gotten him out when we did, we were afraid his little toes would fall off.

We made it to the main event, the waterfall, and the sight did not disappoint:

Charming was the word that came to mind when I got a good look at it. Like something straight out of a fairy tale.  Couldn’t you just see Snow White meeting Prince Charming at the top of that bridge? Or perhaps discovering some trolls lurking near the water?


Whatever, I have an active imagination. Don’t judge.

There was a large rock in the middle of the water that people could climb up and take pictures from, and next to it was a sandbar. It would have been really chaotic had there been a lot of people trying to vie for a spot, but fortunately it wasn’t very busy that afternoon.

When we’d had our fill of the waterfall, we climbed up to the bridge and crossed to the other side, then we took the sidewalk path back to our car. Even that provided us with a cute view:

It was a nice day outing. It cost us nothing but gas money, and it was wonderful exercise, climbing on rocks and going down hills. The only thing that could have made the day better would have been if Landon wasn’t such a sourpuss the whole time. That and if we hadn’t forgotten Evie’s baby carrier at home. We had to use the toddler sized one, and she wasn’t as comfy in it.

The family that gave us directions told us about some caves that are also located in that area, so maybe next spring when we’re looking for something else to do we’ll go back to check them out. Either way, it was well worth a visit.

Author: Alicia W.

Hello, I am a military spouse and mother of two. Together, my family has lived in three countries and traveled to dozens more. Combining my love of adventure with my passion for writing, I hope my website helps others create their own "awfully big adventures."

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